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The Primary 7 pupils have been taking part in a very exciting project in school.  They will be making a radio show every month called STOP FM.  This will be recorded as a podcast and will be uploaded onto the school website for everyone to listen to and enjoy.  

How do children benefit from making a podcast?

  • It gives them a potential audience of thousands for their work.
  • Creating podcasts allows pupils to develop several important skills such as researching, writing, speaking effectively, problem solving, managing time, grabbing attention and improving their vocabulary.
  • The children learn some amazing ICT skills; creating music, mixing, editing and publishing their own songs.
  • Podcasts can be interactive. The audience can be invited to send their comments and take part in competitions, giving valuable feedback to the children about their work.
  • It's also great for developing teamwork skills. The children always work together really well, as they’re always keen to make a great show.

Good luck and enjoy the challenge Primary 7! 


STOP FM May 2018


STOP FM April 2018


STOP FM March 2018


STOP FM February 2018