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Accelerated Reading

We are very lucky in St Oliver Plunkett's to have our Accelerated Reading system now up and running. Children in Primary 5, 6 and 7 are using Accelerated Reading in our school.

AR is a powerful tool designed to meet the individual reading needs of every pupil. It is most effective when the school and home work together to promote reading.  Log on at home to view your child’s progress with Accelearated Reading Home Connect. Once in the program, you can view your child’s progress towards targets, points and books read.

Pupils will compete a Star Reading test in school using the laptops in early September.This will give the pupils a book level to read. With this book level, pupils can source a wide selection of books that are tailored to their exact reading ability. Each book read is worth a certain amount of points which pupils can earn by completing a book quiz using the Accelerated Reading software. Pupils are challenged with a target to reach before an agreed deadline. Pupils are then rewarded for reaching that target before sitting another Star Reading Test and being given another target. Pupils will be tested many times across the year so pupils are constantly being tracked and monitored.


St Oliver Plunkett is beginning it's fifth year and pupils have become very skilled and interested in the programme. Accelerated Reading is going from strength to strength.