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St. Oliver Plunkett’s Primary School Forkhill

P2/3 Mrs Morgan


Library Readers


Meet our P2 and P3 library readers. These children have achieved their targets, reading the most library books this year! Well done boys and girls!


P2/3 Pirates!


Our theme in P2/3 was Pirates.  The children were training to become pirates and used many skills to accomplish this. 

In Numeracy, they used co-ordinates to find buried treasure. The children also weighed and compared the treasure they found  We used BeeBot to direct the pirate to find the treasure.

During Literacy, the children wrote messages in a bottle and used codes to find and unravel clues.  They also found out about real pirates and famous fictional pirates. 

In World Around Us, the children were able to predict and carry out experiments to see what objects were able to float and sink. To achieve their pirate licence the children had to participate in many activities which also included learning sea shanties and speaking 'pirate language.'  They all passed with flying colours!



Winter, Vets and Instructional Writing Topic


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


P2 and P3 working hard during Maths activities



We are storytellers in P2 and P3


And now starring in P.2 and P.3……..

We were learning about story telling in P.2 and P.3. and stories from other cultures.

We were also delighted to welcome Steve Lally, an amazing story teller originally from Co, Kildare but now living in Northern Ireland.

Steve comes from a storytelling background, his grandma was a seanchaí from rural Co.Galway.

Steve Lally works in many different settings, including schools, universities, museums, historical societies, libraries, hospitals, community groups and festivals.  He is invited to many festivals, here and abroad including most recently, the Meath Book Festival, the Yarn Festival in Bray and Ghost in the Glens in Co. Antrim.

Steve is the sole representative for the organisation, 'Read For Good, working as the resident storyteller at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

He has written and illustrated three books for the Irish History Press: Down Folk Tales, Kildare Folk Tales and Monaghan Folk Tales. Down Folk Tales has already gone into its third edition of publication, and Kildare Folk Tales is going into it's second.

He has recently released  Monaghan Folk Tales. (November 2017)

He is working on a forth book entitled 'Magical Ireland: Fairy Stories from the 32 counties', with Singer/ Songwriter and freelance broadcaster Miss Paula Flynn. (This book will also be published by the Irish History Press).

Last Year Steve was hired as a storyteller in an advertising campaign for Tourism Ireland, where the story he told was based on the famous Hill of Tara. This tourism video has been a huge success with over 200,000 people viewing it in a very short time. The feedback has been phenomenal, and he has gained a lot of attention and significant work-related opportunities as a result of it.

So we were delighted to have such a great story teller amongst us and has given us a real interest in story telling.


Primary 3 Halloween Catwalk


Primary 2 Halloween Catwalk


P2 and P3 were learning about an important event in history "The Great Fire of London!"


Watch out in P2/3's Potion Lab!